Hire the Top Contractor for Your Concrete Driveway Installation

Enhance Your Home’s Value with Durable Concrete Pavement or Pavers

Your driveway can make or break your home’s curb appeal. It also performs an essential function as the entrance to your home or garage. Partner with a trusted local concrete company to choose the right pavement or paver style to match your property and personal preferences. Concrete driveway installation can give you up to 25 years when properly done by an experienced concrete contractor.

Top 3 Advantages of Concrete Driveway Installation

  1. Concrete can bear heavier loads than asphalt. This helps prevent ruts and damage caused by large trucks, boats, or RVs parked on your driveway for extended periods.
  2. It takes less energy to mix and install concrete, making it a green solution compared with other driveway materials.
  3. Concrete driveways reflect heat rather than absorbing it. It means that car tires, pet paws, and even bare feet stay cooler than on an asphalt surface! A light colored concrete driveway also reflects light well, improving safety and reducing your nighttime lighting needs.

Why Consider BCP Concrete, Inc. for Your Concrete Driveway Installation?

As a reputable concrete contractor serving homeowners in Walnut Creek, Milpitas, Fremont, Moraga, Alamo, Concord, and Pleasant Hill, BCP Concrete, Inc. has completed several concrete driveway installation projects in the area. We can provide a free quote for different concrete solutions to renew and upgrade your driveway, sidewalk, and walkways.

Our installers have many years of experience pouring concrete driveways. We understand the curing process and need for adequate drainage. From the design and style selection to rebar reinforcement and pouring, to the final inspection, we’ll deliver gorgeous hardscapes that comply with local codes and ordinances.

Read more about our concrete driveway paver installation process.

Choosing the Right Concrete Style for Your Home

As your local concrete company, we offer a variety of styles, colors, and textures. Choose from the following options to personalize your concrete driveway installation:

  • Stamped concrete: This decorative concrete option adds specific patterns and shapes to poured concrete. Our skilled installers stamp the pattern into the surface before it cures. Many patterns mimic the look of pavers or natural stone.
  • Textured concrete: A textured surface can prevent slips and falls and make it easier for vehicles to grip the surface of your concrete driveway. Contrast textured concrete blocks with smooth edges or natural stone borders.
  • Stained concrete: Our colorfast stains penetrate deep into the surface of your driveway. This provides resistance to chipping, flaking, and wearing. When properly sealed, the final product looks great for many years.
  • Exposed aggregate: Using concrete with large gravel and stones, our installers create a natural-looking surface with built-in texture and beauty.
  • Concrete pavers: This easy to fit, concrete driveway installation choice saves time and money. We have stylish concrete pavers in various colors, styles, and shapes to bring your design to life.

Use our convenient color chart to select the shade of your new concrete driveway. The colors are mixed into the material at the factory, so they won’t peel off or wear away over time.

Reach out to BCP Concrete online or call 925-462-6456 to learn more about our concrete driveway installation services. We provide free estimates and professional consultations for homeowners in Walnut Creek, Milpitas, Fremont, Moraga, Alamo, Concord, and Pleasant Hill.

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